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Portfolio Website Help

ADMIN PAGES (Home, About, Contact)

Page Heading

  • FORMAT - - Use 3-7 words, it should fit on one line. Summarize your page content. Example: Professionalism in New Masonry Construction
  • DISPLAY - - This field displays above the main text, in heavy font. It is also the page title in the User Interface.
  • SEO INTENT - - This text should first introduce and summarize the topic of your main text message and, second, target the keyword phrase entered into the search engine by your prospect.
  • NOTES - - Use your primary keyword phrase or use this field to target an important variant.

Page Browser Description (a.k.a. Title Tag)

  • FORMAT - - Limit the text to about 120 characters. Use Title Case. Example: Brick and Concrete Masons.
  • DISPLAY - - This very important field displays at the top of the browser, NOT on the web page. The exact location depends on the browser it is viewed in (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.). The field also usually appears in the first line of the search results (Google, Bing, etc.), in linked blue colored text.
  • SEO INTENT - - This text should use and target keyword phrases entered into the search engine by your prospect. This is a longer field than Portfolio Name, so it is an opportunity to target related phrases, separated by commas.
  • NOTES - - After the first three or four words, the search engine values the words less and less, so lead off with your most relevant phrase, followed by those of lesser importance. Don't lead off with your company name as that wastes the field.

Page Main Body

  • FORMAT - - Any text, image, video or links can be posted to the Page, through the WYSIWYG (whatyouseeiswhatyouget) editor. Take care when uploading images and media in this area, as they may display unexpectedly on smaller mobile screens -- check the appearance on mobile devices. Click the Update button to save. DO cut and paste from your desktop, so you don't lose work, rather than working live. DON'T cut and paste direct from MS Word. There is an "Word" icon in the WYSIWYG editor. Paste your work into the window it provides. You can also paste direct from Notepad or any ASCII text editor. This field is very feature-rich and can support and format various items, like tables, embedding video, etc. Explore your options by right-clicking and looking through the buttons at the bottoms of the field.
  • DISPLAY - - This field appears as the main body of content on the page.
  • SEO INTENT - - This text should first summarize the unique value that you deliver to your ideal client and, second, to use and target the keyword phrases entered into the search engine by your prospect. Use variants to get more keyword coverage from the page. DON'T overuse keywords.

Page Web Address (URL)

  • FORMAT - - This the extension to your domain that takes you to the specific page. For Home, use /index. Use all lower case, no capitals. To separate words, use an underscore (_). Other than that, use only alphanumeric characters. Apart from Home (/index) the Web Address Extension field can use a primary keyword phrase. Example: /new_masonry_construction
  • DISPLAY - - This field appears at the end of the web address, in the browser, proceeded by the domain name.
  • NOTES - - No two pages can have the same URL.